Friday, February 12, 2010

Chemicals Make Males Feminine- from Birth on

Is your sperm count too low? Are your son's testicles undescended? Is your penis deformed? Is the opening of the penis in the wrong place? Do you have cancer of the testicles? All of this can and is happening from chemicals in rats. Can it happen to you and your male offspring as well? It has been proven that certain chemical exposures in a pregnant females can drastically affect the unborn males causing the above major sex defects from birth and throughtout the male's lifetime. Many chemicals have been proven to harm the sexuality of males. Common phthalates in certain plastics, solvents and herbicides and pesticides used on crops, for example, can cause these problems. These are in our air, water, and food. We know one in a 200 infant boy infants have genital defects, the sperm counts in humans are dropping and the cancer of testis is rising. So what can you do? If you are a young robust male and want to reproduce normal boys, avoid chemical exposures of all types til we know more. Just spraying a lawn can damage the sperm for a couple of months. Check to see if your sperm are normal of if the count is down. For more information to help you get " Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call" at or

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Great news everyone! We now have an office so I can see patients! I rented it out a couple of weeks ago and are getting things in order. It's coming along very nicely. Thank you to everyone who has made contributions in the past. You are helping to support a wonderful cause. The new office is at 8040 East Morgan Trail, Ste 13 in Scottsdale, AZ, 85258. The phone number is still 480-905-9195. We are setting appointments and doing consultations. I'm so happy to have this opportunity to help more people and see patients who have been asking for in-person consultations. I will still be doing telephone consultations as well!