Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Depressed Every Spring- and No One Knows Why?

Joe, a 9 year old boy, is suicidal. He tells his mom exactly how he wants to kill himself. Why? It happened last year in the spring, but this year it is worse. His mother is concerned because his father, who was mayor of their small town, also was depressed each spring and killed himself in April of last year. Why did this happen? Both the father and son had mold spore and tree pollen allergies and both craved milk and dairy. The boy started to cry when he was allergy tested for mold spores and for milk using the more precise forms of allergy testing that can cause and eliminate a person's symptoms.

A teenager, Mike, is over 6 foot tall and weights over 200 pounds. He has episodes of crying like a baby and does not know why. He's an A student, has a girlfriend he loves, and has no pressing money problems. He has felt a little depressed every spring for the past few years, but this year it is worse than ever. Why?

He too proved to be allergic to tree pollen and molds in the air, in the rainy month of April. His reaction to the skin test was video taped. If he had hay fever or asthma, like his sister, the diagnosis would have been obvious, but in this young man, the pollen and mold allergies affected his brain.

When the above youngsters were checked for allergies using the more informative form of allergy testing called Provocation/ Neutralization, (P/N) both of them began to cry.

This form of allergy testing can cause someone's exact symptoms to occur in 8 minutes with one drop of a dilution of a substance. The doctor can eliminate them in another eight minutes with a drop of a weaker dilution of the same allergy extract. Yes, a skin test for allergy, when done using the newer Provocation/Neutralization methods, can precipitate and then eliminate the exact symptoms that bother an individual.

If you want to find out more about how to figure out exactly what is making you ill, all on your own, check out the website, for very inexpensive "how to" books and DVDs. The prices are less than anywhere else. If you want to find the nearest specialist who knows how to do P/N allergy testing, call 1-480-905-9195. Monday-Friday 9-2, PST.

If you are depressed or suicidal and have no idea why, read the books written by Dr. Rapp. Many atypical forms of allergy can be caused by dust, mold, pollen, your favorite food or beverage or a chemical. Get rid of the cause and you can feel great. You can do it-- more often than you or anyone else dreamed possible, if you learn a few basic facts.

If you want to find the nearest environmental medical allergy specialist, again, check out Also look up Donahue, Dr. Rapp on YouTube. There is a reason why 140,000 people sent letters after seeing that show. There are DVDs available that will show you how to cause and eliminate an allergic reactions in eight minutes with one drop of various dilutions of an allergy extract. Dr Rapp videotaped every patient for over 40 years showing over and over that this was possible. Stop wondering why you have allergies. See for yourself what makes you so ill and learn some ways you can help yourself, today.


  1. Dr. Rapp, I just wanted to comment and say that we did P/N testing on my daughter (who was diagnosed with autism) and now she is being treated for her allergies and she is a different child! I tell everyone I know about this because it has changed our lives. Thank you!

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