Monday, April 20, 2009

Do You Gain 5-10 Pounds In a Weekend?

You are not alone. There are many reasons for this, but one common unsuspected reason is unrecognized food allergies. The most likely foods are dairy or wheat products. Do the following, in particular, if either of these is one of your favorite foods.
What can you do to find out if this might be your problem?
It is easy. Stop absolutely all dairy products and wheat products in all forms for ten days. You might feel worse in some way (irritable, tired, aches, etc.) for the first few days. That is a good sign as it suggests these foods will prove to be problems. Then on the ll th day, drink 2 glasses of milk, eat some cottage cheese and some whipped cream with stevia as a sweetener, the first thing in the morning. If milk is the cause of your weight gain (or many other medical problems), you will become ill within an hour and that day you might find your weight is up as much as 5 to 10 pounds. The rest of the day, eat your regular diet plus more milk and dairy. No wheat or bread, cake or cookies until the next day.
On the 12th day, eat wheat. The first thing in the morning only eat wheat, without sugar or milk if that made you ill in some way. Make some pancakes with flour, water and stevia ( a sweetener that is organic) or some organic wheat cereal that contains only wheat. Soften with water only. Again, watch your weight gain. It is possible to gain more weight than the amount found in the food you eaten on one day. By the next morning, it is possible some of your other medical complaints, due to an unsuspected allergy to wheat, will cause headaches, arthritis, depression, behavior or activity changes, you name it.
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  1. I cut gluten out of my diet, which I thought I might be allergic to and in one weekend, I lost 5 lbs. The following week I lost 5 more lbs.
    Over this past weekend, I had some pizza (I love pizza) and I gained
    5 lbs over the weekend. I often also get headaches, arthritis and body aches/pains after I've eaten something I'm allergic to. Is there anyway to become unallergic? I also can't eat potatoes, corn (not the sweet corn, so the syrup and starch, etc), beans, chocolate and pecans. I did find out that I can tolerate milk better if I'm not eating grains.
    Why are more and more people becoming so allergic to food?

  2. Hi Dr Rapp,

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