Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Does Your Doc Say It's "All In Your Head?"

Do you feel that you are honestly and genuinely suffering from a health problem, but nobody can tell you what it is? Have you tried prescription or over-the-counter drugs to treat your symptoms, and received no relief? Has your doctor or someone else told you that it's “all in your head”? When doctors do not know the answer, they sometimes blame the patient.
Many symptoms such as depression, anxiety, problems concentrating, ADHD-like symptoms, back pain, muscle soreness, blurred vision, headaches, bowel problems, problems remembering or controlling your emotions and even signs of fibromyalgia can be caused by environmental illness. Exposures to chemicals, molds and electromagnetic fields as well as some food allergies can cause many health problems, including those listed above. You may be frustrated seeing doctor after doctor, trying to find out why you are ill, and sometimes they can even convince you that it could all be “in your head”. Do not believe it. You can find out why you are sick, and you can do it ALL ON YOUR OWN. If constant muscle pain, depression, migraines or other inexplicable conditions interfere with your ability to live your life, you might only need to change a few small things to find relief. By simply using a high-quality air purifier and trying some easy-to-follow diets, you can feel better.
Countless people have been helped. The only thing you need to do is take a little time to read about the things that cause these symptoms and follow a few simple guidelines. Visit www.drrapp.com and check out the list of books available that can help you quickly figure out what is making your or your loved ones sick, and at little or no cost at all. Do not allow your unexplained symptoms to remain unvalidated. Do something about it!

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